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For Local & Small Businesses

Welcome to Your Digital Marketing Agency in London

ZaheerMalik specialises in digital marketing solutions for small businesses. We are a relatively small agency based in London and work with limited clients BUT we always give results, that's our primise. The agency is named after the founder Zaheer Malik, who is well known in digital marketing industry for his unique skills in bringing leads and making small businesses sell.

Over the past 15 years, we have been trying all sort of digital marketing activities including SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, affiliate marketing, so on and so forth with real clients. We saw lots of ups and down in the industry, things that worked fine yesterday, didn't work well today. One thing that we learnt over these years, and that is what we put in action when we work with you, is that digital marketing strategies must be built around your end customer or the user and not around the search engines and internet media.

As a digital marketing agency, we have created fixed-price monthly plans that are result of our life-long experience in the industry. These are set of packages that almost always work, unless you are in a very competitive niche. Because our focus in delivering digital marketing is the user experience, our plans are ever-green what may come from Google or changes in technology. We specialise in three core digital marketing activities with the "right" strategy viz; SEO, PPC and Social Media. We believe, most of the business owners already have online presence, so we are not keen on working on the development side of the process, however, if you have still not embraced the technology, our team can help you create stunning website as well, just ask for it.

See you inside the circle.