Small Business Marketing – Special Offers

Small business marketing special offers

We have crafted a bundle of our best selling digital marketing packages for small businesses that could prove a good all-in-one solution for your online marketing and growth. These packages are a mix and match of our SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing solutions and are being offered on a discount price when purchased together.

Startup Business

£100 Saving Per Month
£ 899 Monthly
  • Local SEO Package
  • Startup PPC Package
  • USD $1199

All in One

£200 Saving Per Month
£ 1049 Monthly
  • Local SEO Package
  • Startup PPC Package
  • Startup Social Media
  • USD $1449

Growing Business

£150 Saving Per Month
£ 1649 Monthly
  • Organic SEO Package
  • Growing PPC Package
  • USD $2199

As a small business owner you must realize that if you fail to make yourself known to the online community, you are missing out on a big opportunity. The reality is that much of the world now looks for products and services online and majority of the online sales happen from small business websites. An effective online presence often takes more than a Facebook or a Yellow Page listing.


To stay in the competition, the least you would need is a catchy website with basic monthly SEO done to boost your organic ranking and if your budget permits, a PPC (pay per click) campaign on Google to drive some quick traffic and sales. Integrating a social media marketing campaign with your SEO and PPC effort will only make you grow bigger every day in your community.


At ZaheerMalik, we offer smart solutions for the three basic requirements of a small business to start and grow its online presence. Please choose the small business marketing solution you need or pick one of our bundled packages from digital marketing packages.

5 Star Rating - Google Reviews

5 Star Rating - Google Reviews

Client satisfaction is guaranteed. We provide results - more leads, more sales within your budget.

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Why Use Small Business Marketing Solutions?

Let’s admit it that most powerful businesses are the small businesses as they form the majority of business community in this growing world. Small business does not mean at all that your product or the service or the earning for that matter is small. Small business refers to businesses that have started with low capital, they are localised to a certain geo area or they are just brick and mortar stores in a high street.

Not all the marketing solutions fit for the needs of small businesses. If you are targeting your service or product using SEO or PPC and targeting the wrong audience, it will only increase your bounce rate. I had a UK based client in car leasing industry who did not put his international location right in Google and for that reason, he used to get searches and hit from the US. Now the bounce rate for those searches was close to 100% because the target market was not set right from the start. A person searching for hiring or leasing a car from Chicago will not bother to read a page that caters for a business in UK.

That is why its essential that a professional help is sought to make sure your small business is targeting its product and service to the right audience. Spending a lot of money and resources just to find out that only a fraction of those visits are actually getting engaged into the sales funnel is where small business marketing solutions come handy.