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Based in London, Ecommerce is an SEO service that we specialise in. The internet has seen a dramatic increase in the number of business orientated websites and with little wonder, given that overheads commonly associated with businesses, such as rent for premises, the provision of staff facilities and insurance of the structure are effectively eliminated. With such significant savings potentially up for grabs, more and more aspiring business entrepreneurs are looking to exploit the so called “digital gold rush.”

The problem is that the internet has not made business easier; it has simply reduced/eliminated some problems, and introduced a whole host of other issues in their place. So many novice website owners think that all they need to do is download the latest Joomla or Magento template, install it on their web server and then their paypal account will be filled to breaking point with customer sales. If only. The reality is that if you are planning on operating an e-commerce website for any length of time, you will need to come to appreciate the significant strategic value that E-Commerce SEO has to play in this challenging process.

E-Commerce SEO refers to two different but yet, intertwined concepts. First off, E-Commerce SEO refers to the various methods of optimizing the e-commerce website framework so as to make it more appealing and desirable to the search engines. This will involve direct manipulation and altering of the code itself, and will affect the actual “foundations” of the website itself.

E-Commerce SEO can also refer to the SEO methods relied upon by the website owner in order to raise awareness and consumer interest in their particular website. Say for argument’s sake that a website owner who has just launched a brand new e-commerce website focusing on the sale of jewellery decides to try and attract more web traffic. They could have a ghost writer create some articles pertinent to the topic and from there, submit the work to a site such as This would mean that in exchange for the right to use the article, the person relying on the article must include a back-link referencing the original author along with the mentioning of their website as well.

I specifically make the distinction between the two because sometimes it maybe more prudent to focus solely on one of the topics rather than trying to stretch yourself too thin and committing yourself to a SEO campaign on two separate fronts. SEO can be very gruelling at the best of times, and the reality of the matter is that taking on double the work (especially when you do not have much experience of it is not a good idea!)

E-Commerce SEO is without a doubt, an essential business investment. Many website owners become overly confident of the success of their websites, eventually succumbing to the dangerous temptation of “resting on their laurels” and so they neglect their E-Commerce SEO. The end result? Their page rank slips and decreases, they end up losing a significant chunk of the customer base they once had, and they lose revenue as a result. In short, not a good idea. E-Commerce SEO is something that must always be kept as a going concern, whether it is to establish yourself in the market, or to allow yourself to actually try and compete with the others.

We at are well aware of the important role that E-commerce SEO has to play in the fortune of a business and that is why we pride ourselves on the level of commitment and integrity we pledge to our customers. We will ensure that we thoroughly research the keywords associated with your business, in order to make sure that you are getting the biggest share of the potential web traffic for that niche for the money you are paying. Whilst other providers will try and seduce you with gimmicks and cheap tricks, we prefer to provide long term, sustainable solutions rather than quick fix remedies which quickly fall apart.

We don’t believe in simply leaving things as they are, and we certainly do not rest on our laurels. We are constantly making sure that we are relying on only the latest and greatest in E-commerce SEO techniques and methods so that you are guaranteed a top quality result each and every time.

  • It will significantly improve your site’s search engine ranking
  • You will attract higher volumes of targeted web traffic
  • The additional traffic will be relevant to your site
  • You’ll achieve a higher conversion rate of sales per visit
5 Star Rating - Google Reviews

5 Star Rating - Google Reviews

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